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Campaign Pieces 1987-93

From 1987-1990 I was living in London and going to pottery evening classes, I was also deeply involved in numerous feminist organisations and campaigns. It was a time of highly charged political rebellion, notably against Section 28 of the Local Government Bill. This was the notorious ‘Clause 28’ which stated that a local authority, ‘shall not intentionally promote homosexuality,’ or ‘promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.’ The plates and Clause 28 Tea Set, shown here, are a selection of pieces I made documenting some of the campaigns and actions of that period. They include a cup commemorating one of the most memorable of the demonstrations when two women abseiled into the House of Lords, prompting the ‘Daily Mail headline,’ ‘Lebsians invade the Lords!’ A companion cup shows an incursion by two more women into the Six O’clock news. Shouting slogans, they chained themselves to the desk of news reader, Sue Lawley. It was all broadcast live on national, prime time television.

From 1990-1992 I was living in Oxford and set up my first workshop as well as training at Winchcombe Pottery. The three plates, Free Kiranjit Ahluwalia, Breaking the Silence and Justice for Women, all refer to campaigns against sexual violence. ‘Thanks anyway Mr. Foot,’ records the thirteen year struggle of two women to bring the killer of their daughter to justice. There is a plate for the Greenham Common women’s peace camp, and one recognising the campaigns which sprung up in opposition to the quincentenary of the Columbus landings in America.

Landscapes 1993-96

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