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An Extraordinary Turn of Events 2012

View the individual pots:
Wedding Procession
St Mark of the Farm
End of the Rainbow
Continuing Unsettled


Six large pots, based on classical storage jar shapes, and painted around the circumference as a frieze, chronicle some of the momentous events that occurred in the course of the year 2011-2012.

The series begins in London with Wedding Procession, which shows glimpses of the royal wedding and teams of white, plumed horses through abundantly leafy trees. St. Mark of the Farm, painted in three distinct tableaux, similar to a religious triptych, chronicles the birth, death, and funeral procession of a highly fictionalised Mark Duggan, shot by police in August 2011, precipitating four nights of rioting. Continuing the London theme, End of the Rainbow, in the shape of giant, Indian money pot, shows the historic relationships between art, religion, trade and banking in the City. I interviewed bankers from diverse parts of the industry to understand some of its more arcane aspects, pictured here in religious terms: Paternoster Square, for example, advertises ‘debt redemption’ above an image of ‘Our Lady.’

Two more pots record the rebellion in Iran and the Arab Middle East. I have close ties with Iran and Missing shows images of me with my friends at home in small-town and semi-rural Iran, in winter. Continuing Unsettled depicts me with my mother and an Iranian friend, a refugee, whose life has been upended by the turmoil. We avidly follow the news from Iran, Tunisia and Egypt, on a small screen in an English village. Though apparently more international and ‘newsy,’ these are the most intimate pots in the series.

Pageant completes the series depicting the procession of boats that drifted down the Thames, through cloud and rain, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

In this exhibition, I have chosen to observe the grand events from the sidelines, depicting the wedding watchers in detail and the royal family from a distance. Similarly, world-changing events in the Middle East are seen through the eyes of a refugee in England, and the impact of revolution in Iran as graffiti on a mosque in small country town.

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An Extraordinary Turn of Events